At Elhurt we apply the NPI (New Product Implementation) methodology for product implementation.


Our customers can count on professional support, both in terms of technology and production methods, when introducing a new product. We offer a comprehensive service, which includes design, time-effective prototyping, testing, and serial production.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we can offer our customers a variety of solutions for perfecting their products, as well as the production process already during the implementation phase. This includes help with choosing components, modern technological solutions, and a wide range of tests.

We offer production of prototypes as well as serial production, all in accordance with the high standards of our quality management system.


Depending on the particular project, the NPI process involves the following stages:


  • Analysis of the customer’s individual needs
  • Support in managing the supply chain
  • A flexible implementation plan
  • Adaptation to production needs
  • Quality-control tools
  • Error-management tools
  • Analysis of the source of errors and corrective action reports
  • Test results, coverage and compliance testing

Prototyping electronic board with some components and wires