Elhurt – comprehensive Electronic Manufacturing Services

Would you like to have a trusted partner assemble your electronics?

Elhurt - electronic manufacturing services

Elhurt offers comprehensive electronic manufacturing services (EMS) – we can cooperate at any stage of production, starting from the design or optimisation of the project, buying the component packages at preferential prices, assembly in accordance with the highest quality standards and logistics and storage. The entire process takes place in a modern production facility with comprehensive technological support and the highest standards. This comprehensive and individual approach, together with many years of experience in the electronics market, allows us to find solutions for the customer which help to increase the competitiveness of their products.

We have been assembling electronics since 2002. In 2007 we decided to modernize our equipment and expand our production facilities, which we have continued to improve ever since. The company carries out several dozen projects each year, 80% of which are medium production series. Elhurt provides electronic manufacturing services to companies from 10 European countries: Poland, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, UK, Norway, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. We cooperate directly with 70 producers of electronic components and are able to buy all the elements which are needed for module production at good prices.

Comprehensive Electronic Manufacturing Services

Elhurt’s advantage in the assembly of electronics is the comprehensive service we provide – apart from assembly itself, we purchase the components, program and test the assembled equipment, build the casing, assemble the final product, design and manufacture the packaging; and deliver the final product to the end-customer. We offer our support and expertise in developing tests and testers, and in re-designing modules. Such a broad range of services is the reason we are the most dynamically developing EMS company in Poland, which services the market of small and medium production series.
In our experience, even 75% of the assembled product’s cost is associated with components – their price matters in EMS. Thanks to our cooperation with global component suppliers (direct cooperation with 70 producers of components), we are able to provide better offers than traditional contractors, which is particularly important when the price is an important factor in the choice of partner.

The comprehensive contract manufacturing offer includes:

  • Design
  • The ability to manufacture a prototype and implementation series
  • Technological cooperation in the implementation phase
  • Comprehensive purchasing service for mechanical and electronic elements
  • SMT and THT assembly in accordance with IPC-A-610E
  • Control
  • Testing – structural and functional, AOI, ICT on request
  • Programming and testing the modules
  • Wire harness preparation
  • Mechanical assembly
  • Printing and applying labels
  • Standard and customized packaging
  • Storage and logistics (also directly to the end-client)
  • Application of protective layers

Design services

We focus on the modernisation of old modules and adapting them to newer assembly technologies. We design testers and test procedures for finished projects. We optimise projects to lower the production cost of the end product.

Our designers cooperate with the production unit, so the modules we design are tailored to the technological capabilities of EMS companies and the newest market trends. This significantly shortens the time necessary to implement the product and helps avoid mistakes typical of the implementation phase.

Our modernisation services have earned such appreciation from our customers that we have been asked to design products from them – not only printed circuit boards, but entire electronic modules. Such needs arise in companies without a large construction department, who often struggle with implementing new projects. We are able to work with medium-complexity projects – i.e., ones that take 4-6 months to design.

High quality

At Elhurt we work in compliance with quality norms such as:

  • Strict ESD requirements
  • MSD elements stored in compliance with IPC/JEDECJ-STD-033
  • Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances (RoHS)
  • Assembly in accordance with IPC-A-610E
  • Humidity and temperature control in the assembly hall
  • UL certificates for printed circuit boards
  • UL certificates for ready products

We possess the ISO 9001 certificate for the desig and production of electronic modules and the distribution of electronic modules and parts.

We reduce the negative impact of our business on the environment. We are aware of how important it is to protect our planet and since 2014 we have been ISO 14001 certified.