Production Hall Enriched With Another Machine!

This time, a new SuperSwash III, a module washer, has joined our already rich machinery park. What does this mean for the entire production process?


Fairs - logo

2019 - electronic fairs - let`s meet in Denmark, Finland or Sweden

Are you interested to know us better? In 2019, we will take part in three trade fairs in the Nordic countries.


Mistrzostwa świata w lutowaniu

Sylwia Murawska from Elhurt will represent Poland in the Europe and World championships in soldering!

The championship will take place during the Productronica 2017 fair in November in Munich. The jury will judge the quality of solder links, height of placement of through-hole technology components on the PCB, the solder joint length, as well as the overall quality of the assembly.


drukowanie 3D z materiału płynnego

New technology - liquid-based 3D printing

3D printers have been available for a few years. At present, it is easy to purchase such a printer or to commission an outside company to produce a three-dimensional prototype.



The latest trends in external power adapters of up to 250 Watts

Apart from technical requirements, necessary certificates, and compatibility, more and more customers are paying attention to energy efficiency and low power consumption during “standby” mode when choosing power adapters of up to 250W.



Traceability in the production of electronics

The concept of traceability has never been as important as in today’s electronic industry.


NRE - costs of setting up electronics production

Costs of setting up electronics production (Non-Recurring Engineering Costs)

Non-Recurring Engineering (NRE) is a broad concept, referring to the once-off cost of developing, designing, testing, or production of a new product.



10 reasons to outsource the assembly of electronics together with the purchase of components

Why is it worth using the component purchasing services of an EMS provider?


elhurt - electronics manufacturing services-min

Elhurt – comprehensive Electronic Manufacturing Services

Would you like to have a trusted partner assemble your electronics?