Sylwia Murawska from Elhurt will represent Poland in the Europe and World championships in soldering!

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The championship will take place during the Productronica 2017 fair in November in Munich. The jury will judge the quality of solder links, height of placement of through-hole technology components on the PCB, the solder joint length, as well as the overall quality of the assembly.

During the last meeting of Polish solderers, it was stressed that “the Polish electronics industry has above average specialists who stand out in comparison to the rest of Europe”. So we’re hoping for some great results!


World championships in soldering


The Polish representatives at Productronica 2017 will be:

  • Sylwia Murawska – Elhurt (representative at the World Championship!)
  • Bożena Wachna – Hanza
  • Grzegorz Maliszewski – Mediarecovery
  • Grzegorz Szymańczuk – G-Tronix


We’re keeping our fingers crossed!

More information: Evertiq