The design of a device is the foundation of all further work. The quality of a design has an impact on subsequent stages, with regards to factors such as component cost and assembly time, which determine the final production cost of the final product, as well as its technological specifiaction, durability, etc.



To meet the needs of our clients and to offer them a comprehensive service, we at Elhurt have opened an electronics design unit. Contracting us with your project means that you’ll:

  • save time
  • have proper information flow during assembly
  • have access to the benefit of our knowledge and experience in the technical optimisation of projects
  • transfer part of the responsibility to us
  • have the benefit of our distribution team’s excellent knowledge of the components market, which leads to the cost-optimisation of your project


The electronics design unit at Elhurt is an experienced team of engineers with

  • top-notch education
  • 25 years of experience
  • IPC certification


Product design services:

  • Designing instruments and printed circuits
  • Technical optimisation of existing projects (properties, functionality, and quality)
  • Cost optimisation in terms of selection of materials and components
  • Cost optimisation of production time


Designing and developing various tests:

  • Functional tests
  • Safety tests
  • Norm and standard verification
  • Designing dedicated testers


Our designers collaborate closely with the production unit; which is why the modules that we produce are optimised for serial production. This significantly reduces the amount of time necessary for implementation and helps avoid many mistakes typical of the implementation phase.

The construction unit uses the best software available on the market – including EDA Altium Designer. We are able to import projects from other programs, including: Protel 99SE, Allegro, CADSTAR, CircuitMaker 2000, Orcad, PADS, P-CAD, and DxDesigner.

Customers who trust us with their projects can be certain that they’ll be provided with preferential terms, they’ll save time, and will have access to proper information flow during assembly. We make providing a comprehensive contract manufacturing service to our goal, and designing printed circuits is the foundation of successful cooperation.