Electronics assembly is the most important area of our company’s activity.

Each year we provide more and more contract manufacturing services. We continue to improve and expand our production hall as well as extend the scope of our services.

Regardless of the client’s area of business, we specialise in the assembly of medium and large series. That is also where cooperation with us is particularly cost-effective. Our unique team, the production facility, and our strict adherence to standards all lead to amazing results in terms of end-products and service quality.

Production environment

  • temperature and humidity control in the production hall – real-time control and archived data
  • ESD protection – entrance, floor, personnel
  • MSD management – service, storage – real-time control and archived data
  • Clean, dust-free environment
  • Full access control and CCTV monitoring
  • Personnel security – Health & Safety measures and other safety standards
  • We work in compliance with an integrated environment and quality management system ISO 9001:2015 – ISO 14001:2015
  • Lead-free assembly – in accordance with the IPC-A-610E norm
  • More information on our quality standards

Production capacity

  • Production series from a singe unit production – electronic device prototypes
  • Ability to service small and large production series
  • Experience in complicated projects
  • High flexibility – fast reaction and the ability to increase production by up to several dozen percent

SMT – surface-mount technology

Printed circuit boards

  • circuits: standard, aluminium, teflon (PTFE), ceramic, CEM-1, CEM-3
  • different surface finishing
  • rigid, flexible, multi-layered
  • storage, cleaning, preservation, varnishing

Paste soldering

  • in-line screen printers
  • step stencils
  • nickel stencils (twice the durability)
  • steel stencils
  • universal frame and on-frame stencils


  • casings from 01005
  • Pin-in-Paste technology
  • BGA/CSP, uBGA, QFP, and uQFN


  • P&P machines – Juki
  • feeder setup validation
  • trays, tapes and tubes
  • traceability

Reflow soldering

  • reflow ovens with up to 20 zones
  • profiling using solder profiler

AOI / SPI / X-RAY inspection systems

  • AOI 3D, 8 in-line / off-line cameras
  • AOI 2D off-line system
  • X-RAY
  • optical inspection

IC programming

  • independent programming stations
  • our programmers support devices from many manufacturers

THT – through-hole technology

Preparation of elements

  • automatic cutting and bending

Component placement

  • mounting and soldering by hand

Wave soldering

  • nitrogen wave soldering system
  • lead free wave soldering
  • partial soldering with solder mask

Process monitoring

  • profiling using solder profiler
  • soldering temperature control
  • optical inspection
  • traceability

Repairs / modernisation / renovation

  • software updates
  • post-SMT repair station
  • BGA-type elements repair station (ERSA)
  • fixing problems with BGS-type elements before mounting

Other services:

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The development of our production facilities was co-funded by the EU Regional Operational Programme for Pomorskie Voivodeship 2007-2013.