Elhurt has been on the market since 1990. Our company is one of the leaders among Polish distributors of components for electronics and automatic control systems.

Offering our customers comprehensive solutions, including a comprehensive purchase service for the electronic components required for the production and delivery of all necessary materials to ensure an efficient production process.

We offer advanced support of our applications engineers, and technological advisors for the process of component selection.

In our experience, about 80% of the product’s price is determined by the price of the electronic components, which is why we focus on the delivery of cost-effective components.


Purchasing electronic components with Elhurt:

  • Over 11 thousand lines of various elements in stock
  • Over 70 distribution contracts with global brands (prices of direct purchase)
  • Optimisation of the list of materials: lower prices, substitution of problematic elements (EOL, obsolete)
  • Securing of long lead time materials
  • Regular control of suppliers, based on audits and BSC
  • Focus on dedicated materials (sample approval)

We sell components through our website: www.elhurt.com.pl



Copper coils isolated on white background


LINECARD - electronic components