Quality has been our core value since the very beginning, and we strive to make it what distinguishes us from our competitors. Many of our customers have continued to work with us because of the quality of both our services and customer care, and now we can caproudly call ourselves partners.

The elements of our quality system are:

Ensuring the quality of materials

  • experienced team who have been working in electronics component distribution since 1990
  • qualification program and audit of suppliers
  • long-term, partnership-based cooperation with suppliers
  • validation of materials
  • mechanical and non-electronic components
  • inspection based on AQL standards
  • RoHS verification

Ensuring the quality of processes

  • Process validation
  • First sample validation
  • CTQ, QA – continuous control of processes’ critical points
  • Qualitative data analysis
  • Constant improvement of processes

Ensuring the quality of the end-product

  • Sampling compliant with ISO-2859
  • Product testing from the end-client’s perspective
  • Each fault treated as an external complaint
  • 8D approach to problems

ISO certification – integrated system

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001

ESD management system

  • Measurement of temperature and relative humidity
  • Electrostatic field control
  • Charge neutralisation measurements
  • Resistance testing
  • Internal ESD training for our employees

Tools for quality control and problem-solving

  • Control plans
  • 8D – thorough team-based problem-solving
  • PDCA – Deming cycle
  • Ishikawa and Pareto methods

TQM – management through quality

  • Quality management system
  • Continuous improvement of the system

Quality as a market advantage

  • Zero tolerance for defects
  • Identification and elimination of problem sources

Come and visit our facility where you can see the real-time functioning of our quality system, which we have developed over our more than 25 years of existence.

We have over 300 satisfied customers from various trades.